The Jobinator is brought to you by The Orchard Foundation,
As you know, I, The Jobinator, am a superhero who saves teenagers from lame jobs. But did you know that by night I'm a job demand prognosticator? In other words, I make predictions about what jobs are going to be hot in the future. Here are my three latest picks.*

Scuba divers employ underwater basket weavers to make the giant totes they need to bring up the gold bullion they find while swimming around sunken pirate ships at the bottom of the ocean. For every basket you make, you'll get a cut of their treasure. But keep in mind, holding your breath for the time it takes to make just one basket is an occupational hazard.

When the mouthwash bubble burst, a lot of talent fled to more traditional jobs, like fish-scale counter. But now that more people are insisting on brushing their teeth with onions in an attempt to go "organic," demand for BBAs has skyrocketed. In major markets like Little Rock and Omaha you can make a LOT of money. In a secondary market like New York City, not so much.

The ever-increasing fear that their pets may eat something "disgusting" is driving a lot of dog owners to hire dog food taste testers. There's a particular demand for those who specialize in rotisserie chicken and broccoli-flavored dog food. Anywhere from 1.2 months to 9 years of experience is necessary.
*Although my predictions for hot jobs are usually right on the money... 99.9% of the time I've been known to be wrong. That means on this portion of the website you should take me seriously about 0.01% of the time. However, everything I say on other parts of this website... take very, VERY seriously.
How long can you hold your breath?
10 sec 30 sec 45 sec 60 sec
Can you weave a basket with your eyes closed?
Yes No Not Sure
Can you smell a burning candle from a mile away?
Not Sure No Yes
Do you suffer from allergies, or have frequent nasal congestion?
Only on the weekends No Yes
Do you love animals (particularly dogs)?
Yes No
Can you taste the difference between regular chicken and free-range chicken?
What does free-range mean No Yes
Have you talked with my special contact at your school about Career Ready 101 and the WorkKeys assessment?
Yes No What?
Great! You're on the right track for a truly amazing future.
Oh, say it ain't so! You need to talk to my contact at your school today, and catch up with me so I can help you improve your basket weaving skills.